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just ten more

a soft bed whispers


go away

I yawn in denial

day is here

to erase all dreams





Get Up

Early morning rain
Sounding the alarm
Get Up!

Thunder loudly strikes
Against the window
Get Up!

Lightning bright as day
Shows us it’s morning
Get up!

Where are the gentle
Twittering snoozers
Who don’t shout, Get Up!


Oh speakers cease your racket
Your cacophony of joy
Does nothing for my sorrow
I want to sink into the depths
Of the these dull shadows
So play me something melancholy
Turn your thumping into a bluesy sway
That lets me drown in muted horns
Until my my plane finally arrives


Reciprocate yourself
to examine fractions
of your soul.

Reciprocate everything
to return home,
becoming whole again.

Reciprocate nothing at all
and you’ve become undefinable.








 Honorable Mention All Poetry Competition