The Game Is On

the game is on

a tit for tat

of slowly dancing clues

waiting to be placed

into its place in

this blood stained puzzle

we spin the suspects

and motives round our

minds again waltzing towards

the light of justice

and another case solved

Dverse Quadrille1




11 thoughts on “The Game Is On

  1. My favorite thing about this piece is that it is 11 lines of 4 words each…which in and of itself feels like a dance. I also love the striking image that “this blood stained puzzle” brings.

  2. This sounds like one of those murder mystery games that people play, although perhaps there wouldn’t be a “blood stained puzzle.” I like the “slowly dancing clues.” Well done!

  3. I like the theme of progression in this…..just like in a dance….the progression towards figuring out the clues towards justice and solving the case.

  4. Dancing mysteries..
    of lives go on.. detectives
    breathing SonGs of intrigue..
    puzzle pieces come by as solving
    ways of crimes iN miseries thirSting
    for relief.. wITh pain still cominG
    so long ago.. still dancing
    hurt among
    gone by..
    cure a
    cries now..:)

  5. In addition to “dancing”, you through in the bonus synonym of “waltzing”. Love the way you used the given word as a metaphor for detective work.

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