A to Z Poetry: Pictorial Poems

A pictorial poem is a shape poem  printed in slanting lines indicative of the thought in those lines. The poem should consist of three lines with five or less words per line with a rhyme somewhere in the poem. I’ve used an ending rhyme in my examples, but an internal rhyme can also be used.

Paul Revere’s Ride
               arming          yelling          coming
          are                 is                are
     men          Revere        British
The          Paul          The


The          Water          No
    ship           she             hope
           is               is               for
              sinking       taking         saving


Today’s Haiku

Haiku Heights April A to Z: Pariah

no monsters
six sporadic simple groups

Carpe Diem: Threnody

odes to the dead
songs of battle and love
lovers’ lament


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