Wednesday Haiku

End of snow days
Sensational sunshine
Pulls me outside

Garden shoes on
Cool dirt turns in my hands
Planting new life

This is the year
My garden will survive
Forgetful days

Cacti pricking
Up from the garden bed
While I sleep in

Carpe Diem #144, Yuki no hate (end of snow)

HuMP DaY Haiku – Garden Shoes


This week’s theme is: Sensational

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12 thoughts on “Wednesday Haiku

  1. aloha Jennifer – the first line of your first ku here has an interesting twist to it. as i see it "snow days" are usually days off when we are free to go outside if we wish. the end of those days makes me think i'll be working. i like the line. i think there is a lot that can be explored with it. fun. aloha.

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